Monday, February 14, 2011

Patient-Centered Computing and eHealth: Transforming Healthcare Quality

 May 6–8, 2011, Boston Sheraton Hotel, Boston, MA 

Brief Course Description This practical course presents best practices in patient-centered computing and eHealth using a format that will enable acquisition of new knowledge and allow course attendees to take away skills for immediate application back home.

Through plenary presentations, panel discussions, and workshops, participants will have an opportunity to see the “big picture,” understand current best practices, and take away practical lessons learned and insights about how to effectively use health IT. Students will interact with experts about current issues, including:
  • Best practices for the use of eHealth applications (e.g., Electronic Health Records [EHRs], Personal Health Records [PHRs], secure messaging, and Web visits)
  • The impact of current health policy and efforts toward health reform, and “Meaningful Use” of Health IT
  • The evidence base regarding health IT’s role in behavior change and chronic disease self-management (e.g., diabetes, heart failure, depression)
  • The role of eHealth in enhancing patient safety and reducing medical error
  • The value proposition for physicians and other stakeholders of using eHealth strategies _
  • Patients’ perspectives on eHealth applications and technologies, and their viewpoint about the impact on healthcare costs, quality, and satisfaction
  • Information about working collaboratively and communicating effectively with patients to assess and differentiate the quality of healthcare information on the Internet and publicly reported quality measures
  • Opportunities and risks in clinical data sharing
  • The potential for provider and patient technologies to support improved public health reporting and community wellness, and future research and development directions in patient-centered computing and eHealth


Harvard Medical School
Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center
John Halamka,MD
Steven E. Locke,MD

Brigham andWomen’s
David Ahern, PhD
James Cartreine, PhD
Patricia C. Dykes, DNSc, MA, RN
Jonathan S. Einbinder, MD,MPH
Saverio Maviglia, MD, MSc
Blackford Middleton, MD, MPH, MSc
Roberto A. Rocha, MD, PhD
Jonathan M.Teich, MD, PhD
Gianna Zuccotti, MD

Children’s Hospital Boston
Fabienne Bourgeois, MD

Massachusetts General
Claus Hamann, MD, MS
David C. Judge, MD
Andrew Karson, MD,MPH
Joseph C. Kvedar, MD
Charles H.Weiss, MD

Partners HealthCare System
Teal Aroy, RPh, MBA
Cindy Bero, MPH
Christine Caligtan, RN, MSN
Kathleen Connolly, MSW, LICSW
Michael Esters

Risk Management
Arvind Kumar, MS
Luke Sato,MD
Guest Faculty

Timothy Bickmore, PhD
Northeastern University,
Boston, MA

Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD,
University of Wisconsin,
Madison, WI

Jerome Carter, MD, FACP
Neck, Time and Money
Informatics, Inc., Atlanta, GA

Larry Garber, MD
Fallon Clinic, Worcester, MA

Thomas K. Houston, MD, MPH
Center for Health Quality,
Outcomes & Economic Research
(CHQOER), Bedford, MA;
University of Massachusetts
Medical School, Worcester,MA

Brent James, MD, MStat
Institute for Healthcare Delivery
Research, Intermountain Health
Care, Salt Lake City, UT

Judy Murphy, RN, FACMI, FHIMSS
Aurora Healthcare
Milwaukee, WI

Midge N. Ray, MSN, MEd, RN
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL

Joshua Seidman, PhD
Department of Health and
Human Services

Heather J. Sobko, BSN, RN, PhDc
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL

Victor J. Strecher, PhD, MPH
University of Michigan
 Ann Arbor, MI

Paul Tang, MD
Palo Alto Medical Foundation,
Palo Alto, CA

Micky Tripathi, PhD, MPP
Massachusetts eHealth
Collaborative, Waltham, MA

Jonathan Wald, MD, MPH
RTI, Inc.

Course Objectives

  • Participants will gain current, state-of-the art knowledge about patient-centered computing and eHealth
  • Participants will be able to identify best practices and guidelines for the effective use of patient-centered health IT  
  • Participants will attain a better understanding about the theoretical and practical opportunities and challenges in implementing and utilizing patient-centered eHealth applications  
  •  Participants will learn how to effectively use and/or implement the following eHealth technologies: EHRs, web visits/secure messaging, and PHRs  _
  •  Participants will attain practical understanding of the issues surrounding healthcare information exchange and data reuse for public health and community wellness

Course Director and Co-Director:

Blackford Middleton,MD, MPH, MSc Corporate Director Clinical Informatics Research and Development Partners HealthCare
Patricia C.Dykes, DNSc, MA, RN Senior Nurse Scientist Nursing Research Program Director Center for Nursing Excellence Brigham andWomen’s Hospital 

Generous Unrestricted Educational Support from:  

Nuance, Inc.
Ingenix, Inc. 


Intelligent Medical Objects


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