Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beatles Songs for Health Information Technology (HIT, EMR, CPOE)

I've recently discovered that the song medley performed at my opening session during HIMSS 2006 Annual Symposium may be freely shared (with attribution). This is a set of Beatles classics with words re-written to highlight the value of HIT (!), with a slightly more sedate opener and closer... that's me walking off stage left after the opening skit.

Have a listen, and have a laugh, or a smile at least.

Cancellation: 2012 Patient-centered eHealth Course

Folks,  Given our low registration count to date, and low corporate sponsorships to date, I have made the difficult decision to cancel our HMS CME Course for 2012. 
We are unlikely to garner any more corporate support at this point, and the rate of registrations to date is lower than previous course years.  Both these factors have contributed to the potential for a significant budget deficit if we proceeded to hold the course this year.
We look forward to conducting this course again (or a revised course on the hottest topics of the day) another year!


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