Monday, November 23, 2009

Harvard School of Public Health: Leadership Strategies for Information Technology in Health Care: A Certificate Program

It is my distinct honor and privilege to be involved in directing a module for this course at HSPH. We have been very fortunate in assembling a stellar lineup of faculty drawn from several Harvard Schools (Medicine, Public Health, Business) as well as from leading institutions across the country. All are excellent teachers, steeped in the theory and practice of health care delivery and transformation. Attendees will have extraordinary access to faculty in a setting conducive to learning and interaction in all four modules.

Program Dates:

January 25–29, 2010
Module I: IT Strategy and Governance (John Glaser, Director)
Module II: Electronic Health Records (EHR) (John Halamka, Director)

May 17–21, 2010
Module III: Maximizing Quality and Safety Gains from EHRs (Ashish Jha, Director)
Module IV: Continuous Improvement with Health Care IT (Blackford Middleton, Director)
Additional information from the Program Overview and additional information on the HSPH website:

Increased competition, coupled with higher levels of commoditization, is driving the need to remain competitive in the ever-changing health care marketplace. This certificate program is comprised of four modules that will provide the knowledge necessary to design and develop a cogent Information Technology (IT) strategy.

The Obama administration has declared IT as one of the main objectives for transforming health care. Along with government policy initiatives, the economic landscape is driving an immediate need for health care organizations to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, while maintaining a sharp focus on patient quality and satisfaction.

The ability to design, develop, and deliver IT projects, strategy, and initiatives using proven tools and techniques is paramount to having a positive impact on the organization's mission and, ultimately, margin.

The modules in this series are designed specifically for senior level professionals and executives, with technology responsibilities from various avenues of the health care industry, seeking to build IT knowledge.

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